About Us

About Us:

Founded in 2017, Total insurance 360 is your trusted community forum for people to discover, learn and expand your knowledge on the latest type of insurance provided to the people.

Whether it is insurance for your family, insurance for your health, insurance as a group or even insurance for your car, we at Total insurance 360 aim at providing you with only top quality information. Information so good that you will not find the need to look elsewhere ever again!

A little while ago we found ourselves wondering how many people actually know what insurance is really all about, or whether people just see it as something ‘taboo’ since it has to do with illness and other bad aura? Total insurance 360 aims at giving a clear-cut image of what people are dealing with when it comes to insurance policies, and also a few tips on which policies to choose and which ones to avoid.

While we do not deal directly with any insurance companies, we put in our hearts and souls to finding out what a policy is really about and whether it is actually worth the money and effort put into it. After all, it can be quite easy to fool a person when they know nothing on the subject matter!