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Let’s choose life insurance carefully.

Life insurance is an insurance which becomes very important at the time of emergency. I will introduce basic knowledge on life insurance, such as when to apply for life insurance, what kind of life insurance is to be applied, etc.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance product for death protection, but there are life insurance that combines medical insurance such as operation and hospitalization expenses due to illness and injury, life insurance with current guarantee of old age guarantee. Even if it is currently healthy, no one knows what will happen in the future. It is a big role of life insurance to guarantee that the bereaved family can live after the emergency death.

About the structure of life insurance

There are various life insurance, but actually life insurance is divided into two main categories, “main contract” and “special contract”. Then what is the main contract and the special agreement?


1. What is the main contract What is the main contract is the foundation of life insurance, it is possible to contract life insurance with only the main contract.
2. The special rider special is to supplement what can not be covered with the guarantee of the main contract alone. We will cover guarantees that can not be compensated by the special agreement alone or add conventions such as methods of insurance premium payment etc as a special contract. Since it complements the main contract to the last, it can not do a sole contract with only the special contract.

Points when considering life insurance

There are three main points to consider when choosing life insurance. The first is to think about who you are going to insure. For example, the situation of thinking about who to enter is caused by the choice of whether to make life insurance a pillar type or a wage type. It is life insurance that thinks about yourself if it is a piled up type, but in the case of a hanging type it will be entered only for the bereaved family. It is to think about how much you need the second point. The amount of money to be covered by life insurance depends on the presence of children and the age of children. And the third is when you need it. If all the children become adults life insurance may not be necessary. In this way, it is important to choose life insurance while thinking about the current situation.

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