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Insurance Glossary of Terms

Insurance Glossary of Terms: The following are the various insurance glossary of terms.

Assured – Those insured beneath the terms of an insurance policy.
Benefit – The money remunerated to the policyholder when a claim is made.
Bid Price – The selling cost or cash-in worth of your unit holdings.

Bonus – Relates to a with-profits strategy. The amount of cash added to the benefit payable beneath the policy. The quantity is dependent upon the proceeds made by the insurance company. Added bonuses cannot be in use away.

Convertible Term Assurance – A term insurance policy which gives you the option to exchange your present policy to a whole-life or endowment insurance policy, without having to take additional medical examinations.

Critical Illness Insurance – A guiding principle that pays out a lump calculation on the diagnosis of life intimidating illnesses indicated in the terms of the plan.

Decreasing Term – A appearance of term life insurance where the bereavement benefit decreases each year as per your strategy. Premiums remain level. This type of certificate is normally sold as mortgage insurance. There is no lay down your arms value for this policy.


Insurance glossary of terms

Endowment Insurance – An insurance strategy that pays a stated amount at the end of a specified stage or upon the death of the insured if it occurs within that epoch.

Investment Bond – Combines speculation with a number of life cover. The payments you make into an insurance policy or speculation bond, usually a lump sum, are invested in the insurance company’s with-profits or unit-linked resources (Life Funds). Dissimilar types of bonds comprise the guaranteed bond and unit-linked single premium attachment. Not to be mystified with a company or government bond, a speculation that offers a fixed rate of attention and an area where your chosen Life money may be invested.

Maturity – A decided date when an donation policy ends and the proceeds, including any bonuses, are owed.

Mutual – A life insurance corporation that is owned by its with-profits policyholders.

Offer Price – The price at which subsidize units are bought.

Premium – The amount of cash paid into an insurance policy.

Proprietary – A life insurance company that issues its proceeds to its shareholders.

Renewable Term – Term Insurance that may be rehabilitated for another term without evidence of insurability.

Single Premium Policy – Where a solitary lump sum is paid for an insurance guiding principle.

Sum Insured – The quantity of money that is guaranteed to be paid under an insurance policy, sooner than any bonuses are added.

Surrender Value – Not appropriate to all life insurance policies. The quantity that an insurance policyholder is unconstrained to receive when he or she discontinues coverage

Term Insurance – Provides policyholder with defense only. Life insurance payable to a recipient only when an insured dies within a particular number of years (the term). If you live beyond the term you do not receive any payment. This is thought to be the cheapest type of indemnity.

Terminal Bonus – This is an additional bonus strong-minded when a death or maturity claim is paid. Incurable bonus is often only paid if the course of action has been in-force for a smallest amount number of years at claim time. The amount is dependent upon the proceeds made by the insurance company.

Unit-Linked – Also called Unitized. If your insurance policy is unit-linked, a number of your money is used to buy ‘units’ in a fund. The value of your policy at maturity is dependent upon the enlargement of the fund in which the guiding principle is invested. Normally refers to policies that offer protection and saving such as endowment indemnity, whole life insurance and speculation bonds.

With Profits – Relates to insurance policies that unite investment with protection. This type of course of action is entitled to a share of the profits made by the insurance company. Premiums are invested in the with profit finance, reversionary bonuses are practical usually on a twelve-monthly basis which reflect the investment growth of the fund assets. On death and/or adulthood a further terminal bonus might be functional to the fund value.

With Profits Bond – An insurance rule where your lump sum is in the majority cases invested in a Unitized with Profits Fund (which is listed beneath the Life Funds section).

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