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Financial Product for Consumers Fast Facts

For the public to participate in the establishments and government agencies’ quest to get financing, they can avail of the numerous financial product for consumers being offered. Kinds are identified based on the risk and returns they present. To better decide on which instrument to take, getting to know them would be necessary.

Government departments and private establishments can open up offers for bonds in which they invite potential creditors in. The funds gathered through the issued instruments would be used for the functions of the issuers. Creditors are guaranteed profit in the fixed interest rate they propose which is payable long term, together with the exact amount provided for credit.


For government agencies that have shorter term needs only, T bills or Treasury bills would be an appropriate instrument to issue. These are provided at specific period of the year only but are also beneficial to creditors since they can still get profit from the fixed interest rates they propose. The longest duration for refinancing this instrument is six month, with the shortest at four weeks.

A similar financial product offer would be the short term notes which are issued by private institutions such as banks. Their differences from the T bills are that they can be payable for up to a year and are available at any time. Nevertheless, these tap issues still offer fixed interest rates which would still guarantee profits to the creditors.

People can also invest by buying shares from certain establishments. In doing this, they are guaranteed to received dividends annually or several times a year, and are allowed to partake in the decision making processes for the companies. Companies offer these to again finance, continue and expand their operations.

Investment funds are another set of issues from the banks, insurance companies or brokerage firms. They are also considered as shares but the funds are used not to manufacture or provide products and services. Instead, they concentrate on real estate assets.

Citizens can also pay for options and warrants which are product  or instruments that would allow them to buy and sell the rights on a share. Options can be exercised for a shorter term than warrants and have lesser chances for increasing capital.

In order for citizens to decide better on what course of action to take for the financial products for consumers, they can find an adviser. These people would be able to help individuals assess the pros and cons of each instrument in order to get the best returns and lower risks.

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