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Advantage of Travel Insurance

Advantage of TI:A missed flight, a cancellation, lost baggage, lost wallet, etc. Nobody thinks that this can happen to them. However, when you’re hopping in a plane and jetting off away from your comfort zone, anything is possible. And since you’re away from home, it can be harder to cope with any loss. Whether you are travelling for work, backpacking Europe on your own, or visiting family, you are equally at risk and equally away from known territory. With frequent travel as the norm nowadays the risks associated with it are only increasing. So one of the most important things you can carry along with your toothbrush and passport is some travel insurance.

Before you get it though, you should stop to ask yourself questions. Are you going domestic or international? What are the odds that you’ll require it? Are you willing to put up with the difficulty that comes with not having this insurance or is peace of mind the most important thing for you?

This insurance is designed to help you out in a few instances like your trip being cancelled or disrupted, a medical emergency, lost baggage, lost valuables, cash, wallet, a lost or delayed flight, misplaced baggage, robbery or theft, etc. It will not cover extraneous circumstances like getting caught and being put in jail for illegal activities, if you travel against the advice of your doctor and have medical expenses, an attempt at suicide and war. Your travel insurance policy will stand you well in the case of the previous unfortunate events.


Each policy varies so make sure you know your risks and needs before making a purchase. The rates for this insurance vary too with increased age. Companies have a age ceiling beyond which the rate is higher. So if you are above 60, the cost of your policy will be more. International travel insurance is definitely more comprehensive and therefore comes at a higher advantage premium.

Travelling abroad is definitely a warrant for insurance. Your international travel insurance and student insurance usually includes medical insurance and various advantage too since the healthcare system is not designed to be friendly to foreigners. When you are travelling to the US, travel health insurance is a must if not mandatory. You should make sure that you have enough cash to pay for emergencies like a procedure, ambulance visit, hospital charges etc, because you will only be reimbursed later with the bills. Travel insurance in India can now be bought from the Internet. When you’re getting your travel insurance online, do ensure that you browse a few companies before settling on one.

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