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Describing Fields Covered In Legal Education Programs

Legal education refers to the disciplines taught in universities and educational establishments so as to equip students with the knowledge and experience required to start practicing as lawyers, notaries and procurators among other careers. The levels of specialization of such courses vary from undergraduate degrees to the more intensive masters and doctorates.

Every university will have its specific programmed of studies for each course. This will be greatly affected by the legal system of the country in question. However the study units are generally very similar to each other. The main fields include criminal law, family law, international law and commercial law.

Legal Education

The entry requirements tend to be quite restrictive in most universities. During the course, students will be required to sit for several exams, write assignments and dissertations, and sometimes even carry out a period of practical on-the-job sessions prior to being awarded their degree. The course extends over a period of a minimum of three years in most countries. Subsequent masters and doctorate programs can then be followed.

Anthropology and philosophy are included in these courses generally. The constitution of the country in relation to other countries is also given a lot of weighting. The legal system of the country will also be studied in detail. This includes careful knowledge of the roles and functions of the parliament, president, ombudsman as well as other important bodies.

Politics and policies will also be included. Police powers, privacy issues, personal liberty and similar topics are also covered. Commercial laws and industrial legislation will be given importance as well, since many will be practicing as legal advisors for businesses and organizations once they Legal Education Graduate.

Criminal law principles will also be given a lot of importance since a good number of graduates will be practicing in the courts. Family law and human rights are other major fields. Divorce, separation and paternal rights are very common cases in courts. Laws relating to properties, ownership, letting and hiring will also be studied.

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