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GEICO auto insurance company

GEICO auto insurance company was started in 1936 by Leo Goodwin and his wife Lillian Goodwin to provide auto insurance to the federal government employees. It started as Government Employees Insurance Company. They chose federal employees as it was a group that would constitute a lesser risk and provide the company with a stable group of insured people as against regular customers. Though mainly servicing government employees, GEICO auto insurance has been an entirely private corporation and not a government agency.

From 1936, GEICO auto insurance concentrated on Federal workers and military officers. Within a year they had 3700 auto insurance polices and 12 employees. In 1948 David Lloyd Kreeger and a group of investors brought into GEICO auto insurance. He became the president in 1964. In the 1970s GEICO auto insurance began insuring the general public. GEICO auto insurance utilized the benefit of real time access to driving records throughout US. In year 1980 they started the 24 hour, 365 days telephone customer service. In 1996, when Warren Buffet purchased remaining GEICO auto insurance stock it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

GEICO auto insurance mainly carries out marketing and business directly with the customer via telephone and the Internet. This helps reduce the costs associated with employing insurance agents in the field. GEICO auto insurance is now the 3rd largest direct writer of private auto insurance in the US. They have a small number of field agents, based near military bases mostly. However, they have started opening offices in few locations other than near the military bases. The agents are called as GFRs or GEICO Field Representatives.


Though GEICO auto insurance was around since 1936, it caught the public attention with its commercials that featured a talking lizard. The ad campaign introduced it as a new player in the auto insurance industry. They promised to make buying car insurance simple and easy that would enable you to save money. There are about 20000 employees now and 9 million policy holders. There are an estimated 12 million vehicles that are being covered by GEICO auto insurance. There are estimated assets amounting to about $24.4 billion.

There is a lot that GEICO auto insurance offers its customers. It offers very speedy online services from quotes to claims. You can research the auto insurance policies they offer, the services, and discount that they provide. If you find the quote suiting your needs then you can purchase it immediately and start enjoying the benefits of company’s coverage. GEICO auto insurance not only provides personal auto insurance but also has coverage for commercial, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. The best part is they offer discounts to good drivers, safe drivers, multi-car families, mature drivers along with the military personnel. Discounts can make your auto insurance even cheaper. Moreover there are rewards and incentives to safe drivers.

GEICO auto insurance allows you online access to your auto insurance policy which can help you to make payments or sign up for auto pay. You may also change coverage levels and add or remove vehicles from your policy. You can view your car insurance policy documents and check your account regularly. There are several payment choices which make it simpler to make payments on time. You can also submit claims online which are settled quickly and fairly.

 Auto insurance offers the most competitive rates and follows up with good customer service any time of the day or night through out the year. They created a strong bond with the customers since 1936 which they have maintained even now.

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