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Health Plan – Short Term Health Insurance

When people think of insurance, they think of traditional health plan or health insurance, with office visits, co-payments and reporting of prescription medications. However, this health insurance is not always available. Maybe you move from one job to another; Or maybe you work part-time or temporarily, which does not offer full coverage of health; Or you can attend or recently graduated from school. In these situations the traditional Medicare are often not available. If you can not afford traditional health insurance but want to cover in case of accident or emergency, short term health insurance is the best choice.

Insurance short term disease fills the gap in Medicare coverage, which can occur for many different reasons, including the above. The idea of ??short-term health insurance is included in the name is a short-term solution that provides short-term coverage, with the hope that at some point begin or re-enter the coverage of health plan traditionally. It is for those who want coverage in the event of an accident or injury and covers only seriously, such as x-rays, ambulance, intensive care and hospital care certain amount of disease costs or emergency.


Although conditions vary, usually standard in the coverage of short-term health insurance. However, short-term health insurance does not cover medical visits regularly or cover pre-existing conditions. If you are looking for this kind of coverage, you should get a traditional health insurance or search for other health plan options.

The costs for health insurance are very different in the short term; You will get a monthly premium of $ 25 range to $ 100, depending on the plan coverage and deductible, which starts at $ 250 often and can increase to $ 5000. Most measures these days also provide a reasonable amount of payment (often one or two million dollars). Guidelines allow you to choose from 30 days to 90 days or six months a coverage for periods, but almost no short-term policy goes over a year.

How to find a short term health insurance? Not as difficult as it sounds. A simple search on the Internet will lead to a number of companies offering short-term health insurance. They look online you can also give the opportunity to compare different companies and different plans. Be sure to explore each policy to understand their full pay and deductibles, coverage and other terms of the agreement.

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